B2 Audio Riot 16,000 Watt Amplifier

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The RIOT amplifier line expands with this heavyweight. Based on the same fullbridge tech as the RIOT 7500, but with twice the power and performance. Rated at 16,000 watts and with over 175 volts of output, this bad boy packs a punch equivalent to a TKO.   


With this much power comes the responsibility of having the current to back it up. Don’t cheapen on your electrical and buy the biggest amp you can to save some money. In the long run it is a catastrophy waiting to happen. Plan adequately before entering the big boy league of amps. It is critical that you have proper power capacity. 

The 1200 A fuse rating might have you fooled, but the RIOT16000 has a higher efficiency circuit vs traditional half bridge designs. At peaks the amp can easily exceed the fuse rating by 30%, so I guess it makes sense having more batteries than you initially planned for?


8000 watts is still considered a big amplifier today, but 8000 watts at 4 ohm goes beyond the sanity of mankind! A surfboard you may think, actually no. The amplifier is still compact, a mere footprint of 24.4″ x 8.85″ / (62 x 22.5 cm) makes the amplifier fit in most installs today.  To increase the surface area of the heatsink, the RIOT 16000 has fins on the top, slightly deviating from the sleek heatsink of the M and Zero series. In addition there’s multiple high speed fans positioned in a suck and blow mode to help keep things cool when your voice coils aren’t!  

Even though it should be common knowledge by now, the fullbridge amps are not strapable. Basically because they are already bridged internally.

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