Gately Audio Relentless 6.5" Subwoofer

Carbon fiber embossed Gately Audio dustcap with carbon fiber cone attached to a high roll surround. 
Black powder-coated basket with cylindrical black motor spacers. 
Dual Progressive nomex spiders with stitched oversized flat wound tinsel leads connect.
18” direct leads are 12 ga OFC (red/black) Sky High Car Audio speaker wire. 

The Relentless 6.5” subwoofers use a 2.0” 4 layer high temp copper wound coil while the 8” Relentless subwoofers use a 2.5” voice coil of the same quality. 

The Relentless 6.5” have a motor structure that consists of a 3 layer Y35 ferrite magnet that measures 5.5” in diameter by 0.79” thick per slug.
All Gately subs come standard with an embossed rubber gasket as well a plain rubber gasket.



Minimum Wattage 400 watts
Maximum Wattage 700 watts
Minimum Internal Volume 0.3 cubic feet
Maximum Internal Volume 0.7 cubic feet
Minimum Port Area 5 sq inches
Maximum Port Area 10 sq inches

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