McLaren 18" Subwoofer M16-18

McLaren 18" Subwoofer M16-18
Mc Laren Sound Systems


18" Subwoofer 1600 Wts DUAL Voice Coil
1600 Wts RMS
3" Aluminum Voice Coil 4 layers
Double linear roll nomex spider
Cast Aluminum frame
Recommended amplifier:
Mc Laren Sound Systems D1600.1 for (1) M16
Mc Laren Sound Systems C3200.1 for (2) M16
Recommended box:
Sealed: 3.8 cu ft
Ported: 5.5 cu ft
Port: 36 sq inches.
Cut out diameter:  16 3/4"
Mounting depth: 11"
M16 Series

     Mc Laren Sound System's "SQL" line of subwoofers. A very conservative rating of 1600 wrms of real world power. These woofers are capable of extreme output (currently used in several 160db+ sound systems) while still sounding amazing. Very large triple stacked motor structures with 3" aluminum voice coils allow these woofers to handle high power while keeping moving mass lower than a comparable copper coil. A 12 spoke cast aluminum frame is used and attached to the motor using spacers to allow more air to the coil. This allows a lot of cooling to keep the woofer handling high power for longer periods of time. Spiders are actually bolted as well as glued to the frame making for a very strong connection that won't fail under pressure. Bumped backplate allowing for extra coil travel extends output by allowing for more mechanical excursion. Slightly larger enclosures are recommended with this series although still not as large as other woofers in their category. As with all McLaren Sound subwoofers, they are built with a rubber stitched surround, and a strong non-pressed paper cone for ultra durability. Finished off with a full cover, polypropylene dust cap for a smooth look and finish.
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