Measuring Center for Windows (download)

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Measuring Center for Windows (download)

The software for the spectral analysis of the sound signals

  • Is provided free
  • Simple interface
  • Low system requirements
  • High speed of work
  • Unique algorithms
  • Compatible with Windows XP,Vista,7,8 (32 and 64 Bit)
  • Work with two displays

NThe Measuring Center software for Windows is a multifunctional measuring centre for sound spectral analysis. This software has been created especially for work with Spl-Lab equipment; therefore it will not require additional calibration for taking accurate measurements. The Measuring Center includes profiles for work with each of Spl-Lab devices, you need only to choose the type of the device and you will have accurate data on screen. Version for Windows allows using all might of personal computer and at the same time is not demanding to the hardware configuration. Program will be suitable both for a novice and professional. The program interface is intuitive, you can start measuring at once using the standard algorithm settings, and to perform more detailed setting of Measuring modes according to your preferences. The Measuring Center for Windows software is supplied free of charge complete with the Spl-Lab equipment.


  • Measuring the amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC) of the signal - displaying the spectrum
  • Displaying the signal waveform
  • Measuring the sound pressure level with adjustable algorithm (SPL, dB Drag, IdBL, ESPL, AMT, etc)
  • Linear, logarithmic and octave view of spectrum
  • Measuring the amplitude and frequency of the peak values of the spectrum
  • Algorithm of smoothing spectrum in time
  • Quantitative evaluation of the frequency-response ripple with adjustable algorithm
  • Measuring the coefficient of the total harmonic distortion (THD) of a signal
  • Saving and exporting data of spectral analysis
  • Measuring average level of sound pressure in time with adjustable algorithm (Bassrace, Bass Boxing, AMT SPL-Show, etc)
  • Changing the average weighted spectrum value on frequency and time (SQL)
  • Calculating amplitude spectrum average value
  • Supports work with two displays
  • Creating own Measuring modes (contest Ligues and Classes)
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