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Foam products are an excellent supplement to any vehicle sound insulation project. OverKill Pro is the thicker version of our flexible, vinyl infused closed cell foam. Closed cell foams will do some work absorbing low-frequency sound waves. OverKill Pro works is the easiest way to reduce distortions caused by sound bouncing around the door panel. It’s also an excellent decoupler, and often used to stop rattling panels or preventing other hard surfaces from smacking into each other.


  • 3/8” thick vinyl infused closed cell foam
  • Highly water resistant
  • Excellent decoupler to combine with Luxury Liner or install between rattling panels
  • Each sheet is 24” x 54” (9 Sq Ft)
  • Weight = 0.39 pounds per square foot
  • Heat resistant up to 165 F
  • Made in the USA




Product Usage

  • Apply using our Contact Spray Adhesive (1 can per 4 sheets) or Super Strong Double Sided Tape.
  • OverKill Pro should not be your primary noise blocker. It is an excellent decoupler and will absorb some low frequency sound waves, but closed cell foam does not have enough mass to effectively block sound and its closed cells mean it doesn't absorb sound well. Use it as a decoupler with our Luxury Liner MLV or under your vehicle's plastic paneling.
  • To stop rattling panels, cut OverKill Pro to fit and squeeze it into the gap to create a cushion for the plastic panel.

Recommended Install Locations

  • Doors - outer and inner door skin
  • Floor - decouple MLV from the front firewall all the way back to the rear deck seat wall
  • Firewall - decouple MLV on the cabin side
  • Trunk - decouple MLV along the floor and walls
  • Roof - decouple ceiling from the head liner
  • Decouple any plastic paneling from the A, B, and C pillars to your cup holders

OverKill Pro Install Guide

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