Terms and Conditions


Customers have 14-days to complete a return. After these 14-days, we will no longer accept returns unless authorized!

Restocking Fees and Return Shipping Fees

All Returns are subject to restocking fees of 15% – 25% of the purchase price and return shipping fees. WcCarAudio may assess the restocking fees and return shipping fees against the customer’s account or deduct the fees from the refund amount on all returns, subject to the Return Policy and any product-specific policy. WcCarAudio reserves the right to adjust the value of any item returned for refund to reflect its current market price, in which case the restocking fee will be applied after this adjustment.

In the event a product is returned that is not defective or an incorrect product or where the product does match what was shown on the Site, the product will either be returned to the customer or the return shipping cost initially covered by WcCarAudio will instead be deducted from the refund amount along with any necessary restocking fee that may apply.

*Our 14-day return window does not reset for swapped/ modified items. Restocking Fees and Shipping Fees may apply*