*USED* SMD Audio Multimeter AMM-1

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The Audio Multimeter AMM-1 combines useful features of a digital multimeter (DMM), an AC current probe, a Power Meter (Power Factor analyzer), an Impedance Meter, a frequency counter, and a oscilloscope into 1 tool.

- Gently Used - 

The purpose of this tool is to enable the user to:

  • Measure True Amplifier Power output into any load reactive or resistive
  • Measure Common DC voltages
  • Measure DC voltage drops during quick transients on cable runs or battery / charging systems
  • Measure Impedance of speakers at any power or frequency from 20Hz - 1kHz (box rise)
  • Measure Phase Difference between Voltage and Current into reactive loads (Power Factor)
  • Find Tuning Frequency of subwoofer enclosures
  • Tune subwoofer enclosures for maximum power transfer
  • Measure AC Volts (amplifier output)
  • Measure AC Amps (amplifier output)
  • Measure apparent power (VA) output, Phase Angle, and Real Power (Watts) of audio amplifier, or consumption of appliances that run on AC power
  • Measure Frequency of a Sine Wave

What is included?

  • The AMM-1 tool
  • Protective silicon rubber boot
  • Harness
  • This manual
  • Pride of ownership


  • DC Voltmeter:-100 Volts to +100 Volts
  • AC Voltmeter:0 - 150 VRMS
  • AC Ammeter:0 - 100 ARMS
  • AC Apparent Power:0 - 15,000 VA
  • Power Factor:50 - 100%
  • Frequency:10 - 20,000 Hz
  • AC Impedance:0 - 200 Ohms
  • True Power Dyno:0 - 15,000 Watts
  • Auto-shut off timer:8 - 10 minutes after ON button is pressed
  • Battery self-test and display of condition when AMM-1 is initialized
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