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Spectrum - 5 Gallon Pail


Spectrum™ is a high heat, water based viscoelastic polymer damper. Formulated by Second Skin with mica, talc, calcium and crushed rubber to reduce resonance and thermal transfer. Apply to prepared sheet metal, carbon-fiber, fiberglass or aluminum. 

Stops vibrations on metal panels, in a similar manor to holding a wind chime or bell. Once the vibrations stop, the noise stops.

The next step is to reduce air borne noise by installing a noise barrier MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl) Luxury Liner Pro on top of Spectrum

 Each gallon of Spectrum will cover 10 sq ft at the recommended 3 coats for a total of 3 mm thickness. Each coat should be applied at 1mm thickness 30-60 minutes apart. Once the final coat has been installed, allow 24 hours before the next layer of product or upholstery is installed. Spectrum may be painted or covered with a bed liner after 30 days.  

A water based primer must be installed to plastic, aluminum or fiberglass prior to installing Spectrum.

Application surface should be dry and free from rust, oil, dirt and debris. Denatured alcohol works well to clean leaving no film. For high rust climates and previously rusted metal install POR 15 first. 

*Spectrum cleans up with water*

* 400 degrees heat rated*

* Minimum installation temperature 50 degrees F*

*DO NOT FREEZE* If product freezes do not mix, shake, or move until completely thawed. 

Spectrum and Spectrum Sludge are not bedliners and may be damaged by foot traffic.

Spectrum's shelf-life is six months stored at room temperature. 

Noise Reduction Uses

  • Under Carriage
  • Wheel Wells
  • Truck Bed (Before a bed liner)
  • Door Skins - Outer Skin & Inner Door Frame.
  • Floor - From the front firewall to rear deck.
  • Firewall - Cabin side or engine side (450 degree heat rating). 
  • Van/Semi/SUV Panels 
  • Pillars - A, B, and C pillars. 
  • ATV's
  • Trunk
  • Generators (Must be 2" away from  heat sources)
  • Computer towers
  •  Metal Screen Doors 
  • Coin Counting Machines 
  • Warehouse/Hospital Carts or Tables 
  • H VAC Ducts
  • Elevators

Thermal Insulation

Spectrum contains Mica, Talc, Calcium Carbonate, and crushed rubber. All of these ingredients help stop thermal transfer.


What is the difference between Spectrum & Sludge?
Spectrum and Sludge are nearly identical products. The only difference is the viscosity. Spectrum has the consistency of heavy chocolate syrup and is easy to spray, brush or roll on. 

Sludge has the consistency of peanut butter and is too thick to spray, but can easily be applied with a putty knife, trowel or gloved hand. 

How long does Spectrum take to cure?

After 30 to 60 minutes Spectrum is dry to the touch. 7 to 10 days Spectrum reaches full vibration deadening properties. After 30 days Spectrum my be painted or a Bed-liner installed on top of it.

When can I put my upholstery back in place?
24 hour drying time is recommended. 

What is better, Spectrum or Damplifier?
Both products are designed to do the same basic function. Reduce noise through the reduction of vibrations. Both have their place, and both excel at specific frequency ranges. This is why we suggest using a combination of damping mat and coatings.

Install Damplifier Pro on interior sheet metal then apply Spectrum to the underside of the cars floor pan and wheel wells. This will create a sandwiching of the sheet metal between two CLD's

 Suggested Thickness:

Minimum = 40 mils (1mm)
Recommended thickness = 118 mils (3mm)

Maximum = 196 mils (5mm)

 Spectrum Spray Gun 

  6.5 CFM @ 50 - 80 PSI 


 Weight per wet gallon = 12.5 lbs.

Weight per cured gallon = 11.0 lbs

 Coverage: 1 gallon = 40 sq ft @ 1mm thickness

 Coverage: 1 gallon = 10 sqft @ 3 mm thickness (2-3 Coats) Recommended

 Appearance & Physical State        Pigmented liquid/paste

 Color                                             Wet Blue/Black once cured

 Odor                                              Very Mild Solvent/None cured

 Viscosity                                        4000 centipoise

 Specific Gravity (water = 1)         1.45

 Vapor Density (air = 1)                 >1

 Boiling Point                                  >400 Degrees Fahrenheit

 Solubility in Water                         Soluble  

 Percent Volatile                             25

 Layer Thickness                             1 mm or 0.040"





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